Artistic statement

Here is my artist statement (as a graphic design) I just want you to rewrite it back in an engaging way that can deliver the message and the idea of the statement in a clear and to the point way.

-please summarize it a little bit and
-you can add a related quote to the topic or to the graphic design –
-do not change the writing style a lot ( keep it simple) but strong and engaging at the same time
– ( the beginning is my story with art) (the middle is about entering graphic design ) ( the conclusion is about the future and what I am going to work on)

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Artistic statement
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This is the Artist statement:

Artist statement


My art story began when I was little. I used to watch cartoons and fictional characters, and I wished to live and be with them in their world. That was the starting point for my art, where I decided to escape from the boredom of reality and draw myself with those characters in different worlds and stories from my imagination, so I feel that I can create a dreamy world that brings me together with these characters.

Then I grew up to discover about Graphic Design field. Where I felt it was the right destination, which I would be able to express myself through it. My study of Graphic Design helped me to change my vision of the world and discover more about myself and my personality, giving me the opportunity to create my own style that distinguishes me from other designers, which is the style that depends on free lines and fluidity, that is not restricted by a specific rule or a system; therefore, I found that what I was interested in most is storytelling, illustration, especially character design, followed by branding and animation.

Through my journey with Graphic Design, I discovered my strengths and weaknesses, and because I see that illustration and character design are my strongest points that I enjoy with. Therefore, I aspire in the future to work in a field that combines both of them, such as working in the field of stories or animation, through which I want these designed illustrations to reach the peoples hearts all over the world to leave a strong impact and change in their depths.

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