Artist statement


The basic assumption in the computer literacy is that almost no region or an area that remained uncovered and not under any direct influence on the access to computerization across the globe. The other assumption is that it is concerned with people who do not master the skill to be considered literate in different functional terms.

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Artist statement
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Problem to Be Addressed

This research paper looks at the effect that may arise due to computer literacy in the education systems. The other problem to be addressed is the shortcomings of implementing the computerized education system in schools. The other issue to be addressed is the impact that the introduction process would have on society and the whole world. The world is changing and growing faster in terms of technological advancement, especially computers, requiring the students to be better equipped and well taught how to use them. Everything is computerized in the modern world, although access to this technology is different in different countries and the learning institution (Tsai,2019). The education research on this topic will be looking at how computer literacy within the classroom impacts students’ lives and their ability to present their learning capabilities. In the past decade, education stakeholders have developed computer literacy as part of the school curriculum. The related concepts to computer literacy, such as ICT literacy, are explained more in detail to include the technological expertise in information literacy in the education sector.

What is being referred to?

In assessing computer literacy across the globe, there is a clear indication it varies on the access to information among the students from the lower years in secondary schools. The majority of the countries that have advanced in terms of technology report indicate that one out of eight students shows some proficiency level or more advanced computer literacy (Makhmudov,2010). On the other hand, at least 10% of the students possess limited computer literacy. Continuous assessment of computer literacy is relevant at every level because it provides an insight into the progression that can be critical in the development of the curriculum. The student’s background also plays some part in the levels of computer literacy and the level of importance attached to computers in the classroom, and the role of the ICT in the education systems.

Significance of The Study

The computerization process has some significant impact on the educational sector, but on the other hand, some shortcomings are brought by the implementation of this system. The access of computers in the educational system has some neutral concerning value to the whole world.




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