Answering a question in a research project

What different parts/strands of the problem/opportunity have you identified? Have you identified an instance/use case of the problem that should enable learning that can be applied at a more general level in Oman?
(maximum 200 words and 2 images)

The project is about merging two exist technology available in two different unit in governments which was recently merged and become one unit .
1-The first unit has got a platform which provide business opportunity to Small and medium business men .
2-The second unit provide a platform which study the market using data provided from government sources and social media.

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Answering a question in a research project
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the opportunity was found that there are different level and parts where there is sources of data either platform .Secondly there is software which needs to be developed to merge both it include as well analysis to check the integrity and detail data or review the artificial intelligence related to the second platform .

the oppurntity concept can be applied to other government units which share same customer and data source eliminating double work and double work .

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