Analytical Paper

Topic: State and Local Government, how do state and local governments affect the daily life of citizens? What are some of the things state and local governments do? Fully discuss your topic in comparative terms: Variations amongst states and discussion of variables, Similarities amongst states if applicable. Your perspective on whether the states should reform their current practices/policies or challenges facing the states and/or local governments regarding the topic. You should focus on three states (your choice) one must be New Hampshire.

You must incorporate appropriate elements from the attached sources to support your writing. No .com sources. Papers that rely heavily on current news articles or rudimentary Google sites will automatically have points deducted. In addition, overreliance on Ballotpedia for your research will result in an automatic point(s) deduction(s).

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Analytical Paper
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Papers that do not incorporate at least three primary variables, and 2 each of their sub-variables will also have automatic points deductions.

Part of this paper’s challenge is for you to find and utilize legitimate, specific, and varied research sources. All research must be properly cited and included in the reference page(s). Your paper will be evaluated on the strength of your discussion of variations and similarities, your argument and perspective, your demonstrated comprehension of the subject matter, and the quality and sufficiency of your research sources. Automatic point deductions for papers that are not proofed, edited, and/or cited correctly. All research must be properly cited and included in the reference page(s).

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