Why are adolescents more prone to substance abuse?

Step 1) Pick one of the following periods of development you are interested in: 1) toddlerhood – early childhood, 2) adolescence – emerging adulthood, or 3) old age – death
Step 2) Develop a research question(s) related to your chosen period of development and make a cross-cultural comparison using published research.
• Example 1: How do middle-aged adults approach their children’s social development in Oceanic countries verses the USA? Notice that I asked a broad question about a wide range of countries first. Once I take a look at the literature, I might refine further.
• Example 2: How do middle-aged adults approach their children’s marriage choices in Tonga verses the USA?
FYI: This is a question about middle-age, so it isn’t a possible topic choice 🙂 You can ask and answer more than one question as long as they are in the same period of development.
Step 3) Find at least 3 references that are academic in nature, including at least two research studies from peer-reviewed research journals. Looking for information on general websites such as psychologytoday.com IS NOT sufficient.
4) Complete your chosen option:
• Option 1: Write a 4-7 page paper (cover page and reference page do not count towards page length).
Note on papers: Your paper’s margins should be no wider than Microsoft Word’s default setting of Top/Bottom = 1″ Left/Right = 0.75″. Lines should be double-spaced. In APA, you will NOT put returns between paragraphs, use indented paragraphs. Also, using extra returns between sections or wide margins to make the paper SEEM longer, will result in a loss of points.
• If you need help identifying resources, the Library can help. Try this link to begin researching your topic: Library Getting Started
• Wise Old Owl Tip: If you use a library database such as EBSCOhost or Gale, there is an tool option to have the paper you are using give you full reference information in APA format. You can also refine your search in many helpful ways. If you have not logged in and used the libraries databases, I highly recommend you do.
• I am expecting you to cite in the body of your paper (i.e. in-text citations) in APA format and complete a “References” page in APA style. Try this link if you need more information: APA Help at Owl Purdue

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Why are adolescents more prone to substance abuse?
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