The boy in the striped pajamas -2008

the research paper is going to be about a movie that deals with a cultural, social, psychological, etc., issue. The movie you select handles this issue a certain way, but it makes a statement which is more profound and encompassing. That is, the movie’s theme should leave you with something to think about. It should have an impact on how you see or consider the issue the movie deals with. While your research paper may have characteristics of a critique, what you liked, what you didn’t like, it should also discuss how the issue was addressed and handled in the movie. You definitely need to include the following aspects in your paper:

– a brief summary of the movie;

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The boy in the striped pajamas -2008
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-the issue the movie deals with;

-why you selected this particular movie;

-what message the movie is trying to convey to the viewer;

-how effectively and ineffectively the movie conveys the message;

-how realistically the issue(s) are addressed;

-why the movie has such social, global, cultural, political, psychological, etc., importance

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