Sociological Classical Theory

Durkheim considered anomie and excessive individualism to be the central problems of the modern era while Marx focused on false consciousness and alienation. Define these concepts and use them to explain the different orientations of the two theorists in their analyses of what ails the modern world. In your essay reflect upon the social climate of the times in which Durkheim and Marx lived that influenced the development of their social theories and explain their usefulness for understanding the problems facing individuals and society in 21st century USA.

The focus is on the theories and what the theorists wrote, not the theorists’ biographies.

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Sociological Classical Theory
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Exam essay requirements:

– Organize your thoughts before you begin to write and make certain you write an introduction and conclusion. This is a formal essay, so write in complete sentences and paragraphs, and include an introduction and conclusion.

– Do not copy and paste and let other do your writing. Write in your own words. If you quote the actual words of Marx and Durkheim, so minimally.

– While it is not required to consult external sources, if you do so, you must cite them parenthetically within the body of the paper and provide a reference page at the end of your paper. Essays will be analyzed with SafeAssign for originality of writing. Use the APA style for any citations and references.

– A cover page and reference page do not count in paper page count.

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