Semester paper on correctional facilities

Semester Paper:


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Semester paper on correctional facilities
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Each student will be required to write a graduate-level semester paper for the course.  The final paper should be no shorter than 12, and no longer than 15, double-spaced pages EXCLUDING references.  The paper is expected to be written in a manner as if it were to be submitted to a peer-reviewed journal (ASA or APA style is preferred, but not required; simply be consistent throughout the manuscript).  More information will be provided later in the term.


It is my intention to give students a considerable amount of discretion in the choice of a paper topic, as Corrections is a very broad field.  As a general guide (although students are not necessarily limited by these forms), the paper could assume one of the following topics:  (1) an exhaustive literature review of some contemporary theme in either theory or research in the general area of corrections (as long as it transcends material covered in class); (2) an attempt to reconcile or synthesize two or more theoretical /philosophical issues in corrections (e.g., merging incapacitation with deterrence); or (3) the paper could offer original research/proposal on a topic related to corrections.  Regardless of the chosen topic, students must confer with the professor early in the semester (within the first month/six weeks) to receive approval.


The above statement is a semester paper I have forgot to do and need someone to do it for me with finals coming up. I have chosen my topic of how correctional facilities help cope with mental health disorders and also how they cause mental health disorders. This a broader topic that I thought could have a lot to talk about. You can use as many sources as needed, but the professors likes if you paraphrase the authors instead of directly quoting them so if you could do that it would be fantastic. The references do not count towards the final paper count so that is important to note. When speaking on mental health disorders you can even speak on the topic of children and how they are affected when going to juvenile detention facilities and stuff like that.

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