Quality improvement in healthcare statistics


State your topic (from the list above) (5 points) quality improvement Provide a brief explanation of how statistics are used for the purpose (your topic). For example, what kind of statistical work is done in terms of health care utilization? There may be more than one use of statistics in each topic. Focus on only one or two uses and explain them fully. Do not write broad generalizations. Write your explanation so that your classmates will better understand the topic. 4 – 6 informative paragraphs. (20 points) Provide examples of how an HIT/HIM professional would use statistics as you explained. One example for each use you identified. No less than eight sentences per example. If you had only one use, provide at least three examples (15 points) Create a ten question Assessment for your Topic. The Assessment questions can be Multiple Choice, Multi-Select or Fill-in-the-Blank. (10 points)

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Quality improvement in healthcare statistics
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