NUR 2811L (Professional Nursing Leadership NUR2811C) QEP Assignment

Definitions of four domains

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Personalized definitions of domains

Analysis of two institutions



* You could use this template when crafting your nursing philosophy:


Because I believe that ____________________________, my philosophy as a nurse is to _________________________________in order to ________________________________.


What to put in the blanks?


Because I believe that [definition of person] and [definition/role of environment], my philosophy as a nurse is to [the role/definition of nurse] in order to [concept/definition of health].


Philosophy and Curriculum Framework

Supporting the mission of the College, the nursing faculty believe that nursing education should be accessible, affordable and of high quality by keeping the learner’s needs at the center of decision making and working in partnership with its dynamic, multi-cultural community. The School of Nursing provides access to programs which educate students to become health care professionals. Educational offerings include opportunities for entry at various levels of nursing practice including Practical and Associate Degree options.


The faculty believe that individuals and groups function in complex, constantly changing environments. Clients’ responses to their health states are dynamic. The Associate Degree nurse will provide care for individuals and groups in this multi-cultural community. Caring behaviors will be provided in a variety of health care settings, including acute care, extended care and diverse community facilities. Collaboration with individuals and groups, including other members of the health care team and community agencies, will assist in meeting client needs and reaching positive outcomes of client care.

Nursing is a practice discipline whose goals are to provide a safe, effective care environment; promote physiologic and psychosocial integrity, and to meet client needs. Contemporary health care delivery focuses on wellness and the management of chronic conditions. Along with the shift of care into the community, the aging of our population and the nation’s increasing cultural diversity, the nursing focus includes data and rationales of care based on informatics and critical thinking. The expansion of scientific knowledge and technology mark a different approach to nursing care in the new century. The nurse, in collaboration with the client and other members of the health care team, must develop fiscal accountability as well as professional and personal accountability.

Students are responsible for their own learning, with the support of the faculty. Through the use of multiple learning modalities, students will reinforce readings with lectures, media, group discussions and other interactive technologies. The value of life-long learning, exposure to new concepts and the continuous evolution of care is emphasized throughout the program to enhance the students’ ability to remain current in this age of rapidly advancing knowledge.

The faculty believe that nursing education must prepare students to assess, plan, anticipate and act on changes in client status and community needs and evaluate the outcomes of their actions. Students practice teaching and learning and use communication skills and critical thinking to make clinical decisions which achieve desired outcomes. Students manage care for individuals and groups throughout the life span. Students adhere to standards of professional nursing practice and maintain their practice within the legal and ethical framework of nursing.

The ASSOCIATE DEGREE GRADUATE will be prepared to apply to take the registered nurse licensure examination.

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