Pro and con of healthcare cost transparency

Position Paper Health Care Reform (100 points) week fourteen
Part four: Students documentation (each student submits an individual word document in blackboard) that supports your position. You must research and submit in week fourteen a 4-5 page double-spaced paper, in APA format (title page and reference/bibliography page—not counted in the 4-5 pages) which will be based upon the student’s Position Paper Outline submitted in week seven.

You also submit a copy of your PowerPoint based on your paper in a separate link for credit. This PowerPoint will be used in your oral presentation.

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Pro and con of healthcare cost transparency
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The topics are limited to aspects of the Affordable Care Act & Medicare. Each student in the team will use researched information, to represent opposite positions on the selected topic. The student will develop their position (feeling/opinion) on the aspects of health care delivery that were included in the outline submitted earlier.

The student’s position/opinion on the topic chosen is to be stated in the beginning of the paper. The rest of the paper should focus on information from credible and correctly referenced health care scholarly sources in APA format that support the student’s position. Use heading such as Abstract, Introduction, Research, Methodology, Summary, Conclusion and Reference.

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