Part 1- Define and give example of the following terms as they RELATE TO SOCIAL WORK . Include this in an email or use Word. EMAIL to me


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* Transitions


*Life Event

*Turning Point


You are to do a Powerpoint/Slideshare USE GRAPHICS, PICTURES, ETC

Be CREATIVE, you will be able to make the choice of the specific area you want to focus and as well as the life span your “client” is in.

I have provided an EXAMPLE of “stress-free” outline for this project

(you may have more than 10 slides)


} Infancy 0-2 years – Develops Bond

} Childhood 2-10 years- Cognitive Skills

} Adolescence 10-20 years – Identity

} Early Adulthood 20-40 Personal Relationships

} Middle Age 40-65 – Social Involvement

} Older Age 65 + Adjustment to aging, Freedom



Think about the LIFE SPAN POPULATION YOU want to work with as well as an area/field of human services YOU have an interest in.






PART 2 – Create a Powerpoint or Slide share


1. Select the LIFE SPAN POPULATION you see yourself working with

Include your name and Life Span Final Project on this slide… you can have a graphic (for example if you want to work with older age you might have a pic of elders)



2. Select the “specific area” you want to focus on or specialize in (example, foster care, after school program, teen pregnancy, seniors living, family counseling, addiction, prison reform, college preparation, job training, etc)..THIS AREA DOES NOT HAVE TO BE A NEGATIVE PROBLEM.. Remember the video on Life After 50.. Your area can be something of a solution rather than a problem



Include any physical changes which occur during the selective life span that my impact the situation



Common Protective Factors and Risks factors possibly faced by this population


SLIDE 6-Transitions

SLIDE 7-Trajectories,

SLIDE 8 (life events/turning point)

Identify in this situation any significant transitions, trajectories, and life events/turning points .



Include 3- 5 questions you would ask in evaluating the situation



Indicate how you would assist your client THRIVE and be as specific as you can be YOU CAN BE CREATIVE HERE..PERHAPS YOU HAVE ESTABLISHED YOUR OWN PRIVATE COUNSELING FACILITY, AGENCY, CONSULTING FIRM.. if so, describe the services offered

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