Political Science International Relations

Guidelines for paper

Paper is to be double spaced, MS Word’s default margins, and 12 pt. Times New Roman font in MS Word format.
At the top of all pages, the student is to provide a header with his or her name as it appears on the class roster, the assignment number and the date of the submission, e.g.: John Doe, Paper #1, June 24 and a page number in a footer.
Write your essay using MS Word and use the “Upload Files” tab to attach your word document. You may, if necessary, use another standard word processing program but understand that I will use MS Word to open your assignments so your program must be compatible. It is your responsibility to submit your assignments in a compatible format.
You may use both the textbook and / or any outside resources that you feel are appropriate but all referenced materials must be cited in standard MLA or APA format.
Wikipedia is not to be cited as a source although you may go to the sources that they cite and use them.
Points are deducted for assignments that are not responsive to the topic that I ask you to discuss; do not follow directions; are too short; contain poor punctuation, syntax, grammar, or spelling; or are not an accurate and thorough analysis of the topic.

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Political Science International Relations
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Question #1. Which of the three paradigms (i.e., realism, liberalism, or constructivism) seems to most closely resemble the world we live in? Consider the assumptions and predictions made by each school of thought when constructing your answer.

Question #2. Describe the primary assumptions of realism. What would occur if those predictions were relaxed?

Both Questions answered in the essay

Three Pages (double spaced) Minimum [30 points possible]

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