Overview of Practice Initiative

Practice Initiative Project – Part III Instructions

Analysis of Business Case and Budget Reflective Evaluation Paper

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Overview of Practice Initiative
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You will complete a paper that must discuss the practice initiative, budget, analysis of quality, outcomes, and cost/value, including data analyses that would be helpful. Additionally, the paper must include a review of the PDSA process for evaluation and how this can be used to evaluate the outcomes for future long and short-term goals/measurable objectives.


You will work with your group to complete the following:

· Write a 5–8-page analysis of the proposed practice initiative. This must include a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) of the business plan. Evaluate the PDSA evaluation plan and budget. Based on the literature, analyze your work to address the following:

o How will you define success?

o How do you measure quality and value of your services?

o What type of data analysis will be used to analyze outcomes? Why?

o Discuss the overall proposed success of this initiative.

o Does the overall mission/plan for this initiative support the Christian worldview?


Write the paper in current APA format (use the Practice Initiative Project – Part III Outline document). Include 5–8 resources including peer-reviewed journals (written within the last 5 years), the Bible, and the textbook.

Practice Initiative Project – Part III Outline

Utilize the following outline for the organization and completion of your Practice Initiative Project – Part III:


I. Title Page

II. Major Paper Headings

a. Introduction

b. Overview of Practice Initiative

c. Target Population

d. Initiative Project Goals and Objectives

e. Program Resources, Staff, and Budget

f. Analysis of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of the practice initiative’s business plan (link also to mission, vision, and Christian worldview)

g. Analysis of Proposed Quality, Outcomes, and Cost/Value budget (review the literature and discuss current trends in analysis)

h. Analysis of Plan-Do-Study-Act Evaluation Plan (What defines success and how does the evaluation plan evaluate that?)

i. Types of Data/Statistical Analysis to Measure Quality/Cost and Outcomes

j. Proposed Project Success and Future Considerations.

III. References (include 5–8 resources cited in current APA 7 format).

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