Mass Incarceration

Outline: Does Race and Ethnicity have any affect with mass incarceration?

For your final paper you will be expected to submit an original research proposal. This precludes using your work completed for the class projects. The research proposal should include the following:

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Mass Incarceration
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1) Statement of Research Problem

In this section your must concisely outline your research problem. This can take the form of a question or statement. It should be no longer than 3 lines. You should also briefly contextualise your problem and explain why it is important to pursue it in this section. Your key variables should be readily identifiable from the research statement.

2) Literature Review:

Construct a literature review that is representative of the key research already conducted in your area. Review a minimum of 10 peer reviewed articles and texts that have been written by sociologists, anthropologists and criminologists. Please no psychology papers. It is of crucial importance that the texts/articles are peer reviewed. The literature review should identify the main theoretical developments, any theoretical or research gaps and general background information on your subject area. Identify herein the theoretical perspective that your research will take, i.e. identify a particular paradigm that you will use.

In addition, you are permitted to use non-peer reviewed sources as long as you explicitly acknowledge this. These will not be considered to be relevant to the minimum described above. Please see your text and below for a guide to constructing a literature review:
(Links to an external site.)

3) Subjects:

Identify your research participants and how you expect to find them. Discuss your population and sampling method. Consider and address the potential ethical issues that may arise in your research. In this section our core text should be cited.

4) Measurement: Describe how you will measure your key variables and their attributes. This will involve you describing the processes of conceptualisation, operationalisation and outlining indicators and dimensions.

5) Research Method(s):

Describe in detail which research method(s) you are choosing to employ and the pros and cons associated with these. In this section our core text should be cited.

6) Analysis:

Briefly describe the means of analysis that you will employ and why? i.e. descriptive or exploratory analysis. In this section our core text should be cited.

7) Bibliography: Construct a bibliography using the ASA style guide (
(Links to an external site.)


The proposals should be minimum twelve pages/maximum fifteen, double-spaced and in font size 12. I strongly recommended that you get a third party to assist with editing.

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