Marketing Plan

Executive Summary – a condensed overview of the marketing plan

  1. Introduction – description of the business; product/service analysis
  2. Business Objectives – of the organization, and the specific Marketing Objectives. Explain how

to the proposed event/activities contributes to these objectives

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Marketing Plan
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  1. A Situational Analysis (economic climate, financially status of the organization, demand trends,

political environment, competitors, etc). Discuss the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses,

Opportunities, and Threats)

  1. 5. A summary of Consumer Information – discuss information that you have obtained on the

organization’s consumers (due to primary or secondary research). Additionally, discuss the means

of obtaining consumer information via a marketing information system.

  1. Marketing Strategies
  2. A discussion and presentation of a strategy for Market Segmentation
  3. What will serve as a basis for segmentation, and why?
  4. Provide an analysis and rationale for selecting the target markets
  5. A discussion of the product (what is the core product, what are the product extensions?)
  6. A discussion and presentation of the Pricing Strategies
  7. A discussion of the Place the event is held and the means of its Distribution
  8. A comprehensive Promotional Plan. Discuss the means in which you will promote this

event/activity. Include the elements such as advertising, personal selling, promotional licensing,

public relations activities, etc.)

  1. Develop a plan to secure Corporate Sponsorships & Ticket Sales
  2. Public Relations Campaign
  3. Discussion of methods to evaluate your plan after it has been implemented

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