Marketing analysis and plan

Notes and instructions for writer.


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Marketing analysis and plan
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Everything must be original. The paper will run through plagiarism test. All reference must be included using APA 7th edition format

Please refer to the MARKETING PLAN INSTRUCTIONS below and write Draft 3 and FINAL PAPER ONLY.

Please refer to the separate marketing plan sample (PDF) as reference.

Please refer to the word document for what has been finished (Chapters 1-4). Please read and maintain consistency.

Please use double space


More detailed instructions

Please write Draft 3 and FINAL PAPER ONLY, which include Chapters 5 through 7.


The target company is Tencent ( and the marketing plan should focus only on their marketing plan for New York City. You can imagine the marketing plan wouldn’t be much different for NYC than for the US but focusing on a smaller region is required.


The first half of the paper has been written. Please read the first half to maintain consistency.


For chapter 5 and 6, refer to Section 3.0 of the PDF. Should be able to find corresponding section for each section. Write ~10 pages double spaced.

For chapter 7, refer to Section 4.0 of the PDF. Should be able to find corresponding section for each section. For break-even analysis, sales forecast and so on, when you see charts in the PDF, add similar charts in my paper as well. Write ~10 pages double spaced.

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