Fribrinogen Assay Coagulation


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Fribrinogen Assay Coagulation
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Quantitative measurement of fibrinogen in blood



Standard Parameters:              BLANK TIME                       1.0 sec.

(Criteria)                          ACTIVATION TIME                        0.0 sec.

MAXIMUM TIME                60 sec.


Criteria LED Display:             B= 1    A= 0    M= 60


Reagents:        To perform the Fibrinogen assay you will use Thrombin reagent.  Do not                                         prewarm, keep at room temperature.


Fibrinogen Calibration Reference – Reconstitute with 1.0 ml of distilled water.                              Use in preparation of the calibration curve.  Make dilutions of the reference in                           Veronal Buffer using the following dilution scheme:




Reference Dilution # Reference Plasma (ml) Buffer


Dilution Dilution




1 0.5 2.0 1:5 2.0  
2 1.0 of dil. #1 1.0 1:10 1.0  
3 1.0 of dil. #2 1.0 1:20 0.5  
4 1.0 of dil. #3 1.0 1:40 0.25  


  1. Assay your reference plasma dilutions first starting with the highest dilution (1:40). Testing of the dilutions for the reference curve must be accomplished within 30 minutes due to the instability of the samples.
  2. Calculate the “Fibrinogen mg/dl” to be used for your curve by using the dilution factor and the amount (mg/dl) of fibrinogen for your reference plasma. The concentration of fibrinogen (mg/dl) for the dilution is determined by multiplying the assigned value, designated on the vial label of the Fibrinogen Calibration Reference, by the dilution factor.


Example:   Assume the assigned value for fibrinogen is 230 mg/dl; for a plasma dilution of 1:5 the concentration of fibrinogen is calculated as follows:


230 mg/dl x 2.0 = 460 mg/dl







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