Food companies are poisoning us daily

My project is about millions who eat a poor quality diet high in fast food which causes headaches, depression, acne, dental distress, heart diseases, shortness of breath, high cholesterol, weight gain, high blood pressure, blood sugar spike, insulin resistance, and bloating. And then I will talk about why we can not stop eating unhealthy food. I will use some persuasive quotes like “Companies compete on the very basis of creating evermore habit-forming products, and it’s no different with our food. Food corporations hire scientists to engineer the most irresistible habit-forming food. Sugar is their current go-to ingredient. They are using the very brain imaging technologies that we use to try to find cures for addiction, only they put people in the MRI machine and feed them Doritos chips to figure out ways to tweak the recipe to make it even more habit-forming than it already is” Laura Schmidt. I see this quote as very interesting and important. In the middle of my research paper, I will explain how each company is trying to improve its image. From fast-food restaurants, where meals are appearing healthier but they are not. My solution is the government should involve and control what we eat or governments should tax soda, sweets, junk food, and other unhealthy foods and drinks. … By increasing the price of products that contain sugar, taxes can get people to consume less of them and thus improve nutrition and health.

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Food companies are poisoning us daily
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