Final project

You are doing 4 part of the work in this assignment :
1.External Factors e.g. PESTLE
2.What strategies are you going to implement to achieve your objectives? new/revised online marketing/advertising strategies (Frank)
Be more active and interact with customers through various social media platform features (IG story, hashtag, tag, Call-To-Action for booking, For more info. etc…) / FB: customer reviews → improve customer relationship, establishing branding
3.How will you know you have achieved your objectives?
Provide surveys to customers after their meal with questions like “How was your experience in Takumi? ; Would you visit Takumi again?; How often would you eat here?; Would you refer to a friend or family member?; How do you know Takumi? (friend recommend, Instagram, facebook, etc)”
Advertisement metrics and analytics
Takumi’s website visitors, conversions, bounce rate, website sessions
Where their traffic is coming from (social traffic sources)

The pdf introduce the entire project.

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Final project
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