Ethical Dilemma

Aviation Ethics Term Paper

An ethical dilemma is a complex situation that often involves an apparent mental conflict between moral imperatives, in which to obey one would result in transgressing another. Sometimes called ethical paradoxes in moral philosophy, ethical dilemmas are often invoked in an attempt to refute an ethical system or moral code, or to improve it so as to resolve the paradox

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Ethical Dilemma
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SIX Final Checks to your paper

Check 1: Does your paper outline the specific aviation ethical dilemma and focus of your topic. Is the dilemma ethical and challenges two separate ethical assertions and forces you to decide between the two.

Check 2: Have you clearly stated the ethical standards challenged and have outlined your ethical dilemma? Have you explained all the significant elements of your ethical dilemma?

Check 3: Have you outlined and arranged the elements of your ethical dilemma into individual sections? Made sure that your paper’s logic flows freely through your paper in order to allow you to arrive at a conclusion.

Check 4: Have you written a strong introduction that grabs your reader’s attention and establishes your paper’s thesis, clearly examining your points throughout, and including clear transition statements between each of your sections.

Check 5: Have you created a conclusion that brings all of your points together and establishes a final assessment of your ethical dilemma, supported by the theories discussed during the semester and the points you made in your paper?

Check 6: Remember not to provide a solution.

Grading Area Checks:

Grade Level 15- Flesch-Kincade Grade level chart – 10% less for each grade level below 15
No “it or its” – 1 percent deduction for each time mention
Paper 5500 words APA 12 point Times New Roman font, a good rule of thumb is 250 words for a double spaced page
3rd Person
Sources – Ten (10) scholarly cites that flow with the topic of the paper. – 20% from this paper for each source missing or not relevant to the paper.

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