In this assessment you will harness your critical thinking and analysis skills to identify key problems facing the practice of HRM in an organisation of your choice. You will then use evidence to produce constructive advice on how your selected organisation could improve the effect of HRM on organisational performance. You will have the opportunity to reflect on your learnings from this assessment and define key factors that will enable you to become a more effective HR leader.


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Assessment details

Refer to the following steps to help you construct the core elements required in your essay.

Step 1: Select any organisation of your choice. Ideally, select an organisation where you currently work or have worked for in the past OR an organisation that you would like to work for in the future.

Your organisation may be nationally based, international, government, not-for-profit or even the family business. You may have worked at this organisation as a full time or part time employee, as a contractor or volunteer.

Alternatively, the organisation you select may just be where you would like to work next. There are no parameters concerning your selection.

Step 2: Conduct research into your organisation to enable you to describe the following.

•The context of the organisation you have selected, including the nature of the industry, the level ofcompetitiveness within the industry, the key external stakeholders and the current trends in theindustry. External stakeholders includes anyone your organisation deals with such as customers,clients, suppliers, contractors, employer associations, unions, legislative bodies etc.


•The nature of the work undertaken by the organisation, the products and services created, the currentstrategy being pursued and the current level of organisational performance. Organisationalperformance comprises real results or outputs compared against its objectives and goals.


You may wish to take a look at this business database list from the RMIT library to help you with your research.. Note: Please do not divulge any confidential information about your organisation. Any information that is not publicly available for which you have consent to use (for example, at your current workplace) should be de- identified so that there is no recognisable reference to the actual organisation name (e.g. instead of NAB, call your organisation ‘Financial institution 1’), its employees or stakeholders. Step 3: Identify five (5) key problems facing the practice of HRM in the organisation. Analyse and synthesise relevant models, theories and HRM literature to demonstrate how these problems affect organisational performance. You may wish to reference one or more of the following (if applicable):

•Harvard model of HRM.

•Guest model of HRM.

•AHRI model of excellence (AHRI 2019).

•High performance work systems framework.


Step 4: Provide advice to the organisation on how they could improve the effect of HRM on organisational performance, given what you know about the organisation, industry and the five (5) problems you have identified. Your advice should include the application of theory and link to high quality academic material. You are expected to include a minimum of 15 references. Step 5: Reflect on what you have learned from this assessment to equip you to become an effective HR manager.


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