Employee Monitoring and its Ethical Issues

This research essay is about the privacy rights and ethical concerns that arise with employee monitoring, more specifically online-usage. Some aspects that I want to look at will deal with the lack of regulation when it comes to employee monitoring, why companies decide they need to monitor, how monitoring affects the individual, the boundaries between work life and private life, and strategies for employers to effectively communicate ethical standards for employee monitoring.

I already have the sources and annotated bibliography.

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Employee Monitoring and its Ethical Issues
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Sections of the Research Essay


This section should provide an overview of the topic and issue you chose to focus on in your research.

the introduction is to draw in your readers and give your audience a focal point for your work.

Literature Review

Then you must explain what your sources say about the issue. What conversations are happening? What do other researchers say about it? How do different people approach the problem? What do they have in common, and where do they diverge? How will you organize the information in a way that makes sense for your research?

For this section, you will certainly use the information from your annotated bibliography, but remember that the format is very different. Annotated bibliographies are essentially a list. Literature reviews contain information from your sources organized into a synthesis that you have created.

Analysis / Discussion

In this section of your paper you want to build your arguments for your thesis.

Results / Conclusion

The Results section explains what you found out from your research. This should be an extensive analysis, so draw out each point carefully. Think about connections between your reference texts and your own analysis.

Use this section to reflect on your results. What do you think merits further study? What was surprising about your research findings? What, if anything, wasn’t? Weave these kinds of questions into the entire conclusion as you talk about implications and suggest future lines of inquiry.


The Bibliography should include everything that was cited in your work. Its best to follow a style guide for references in your bibliography, but I’m not super fussy about this.

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