One of the most valuable concepts that drama allows for is that of perspective. Because there are more characters available that in short story or poetry, we are able to consider different points of view on the same series of events. In other words, the plot of play looks one way to a character like Bianca, while being a totally different play to a character like Tranio. We can see these perspectives clearly as we see the characters interact on stage.


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In this creative assignment, I would like you to consider the perspectives of characters often relegated to “background” or setting. Consider a minor character such as the merchant, Biondello, Grumio, Vincentio, the widow, or even a wandering townsperson. How might one of these characters view the events of the play? If they were asked for their opinion on the story, what might they tell us?

Re-imagine either:

The scene from Act 1, Scene 1 where Lucentio and Tranio stand off to the side as the other characters [particularly Kate and the men] make a scene in the middle of the street.


The wedding scene Act 3, Scene 2

Re-write this scene from the perspective of one of a minor character. What might this series of events look like from an outside perspective? Or, what might it look like from the perspective of someone who knows the characters extremely well?

This re-write should be at least 2 pages long and show that you have a strong understanding of the events of the play. You may wish to choose for the minor character to react to the scene as it is happening, or you may choose to set the response during the aftermath of the scene’s events. Attach motivations to the character you choose – what is their personal take on the situation? Be creative in your interpretations.

This does not need to be in screenplay format. You may choose to write this as a short story from the character’s perspective, as a letter, as an internal thought process, as a diary/journal entry – any of these are fine. The key is to be clear about whose perspective you are writing from and what they think about events.

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