Discuss the category of expression

GREATs Discussion

For this discussion board post, respond to the prompt in two to three paragraphs (no bullets). Paragraphs should be organized by topic and not simply address the questions in order. Include examples from the text, complete with MLA in text citations.

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Discuss the category of expression
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Prompt: In Chuck Klosterman’s “Which Rock Star Will Historians of the Future Remember?” (Below you will find the link file ) he defines criteria for historical canonization of icons and discusses several contenders for the future “icon” to represent Rock music. For your task, you are tasked with identifying an icon from any field of creative expression or innovation. For the discussion board prompt.


1. Discuss the category of expression or innovation you are most interested in (a musical subgenre, type of film, area of innovation such as video game design, etc.).

o What makes you interested in the history of this field?

o Discuss the significance of this field and the impact it has had/will have.

2. Identify at least one icon who you believe will be remembered 300 years from now.

o What makes this person’s contributions significant?

o What draws you to this person’s work?

o Are there other contenders in this field competing for the singular status of icon? If so, who?



· Response to questions should be organized into paragraphs by topic.

· Include at least one quotation or paraphrased idea from Klosterman’s article. Explain how it connects with your own ideas.

· For each quotation/paraphrase, include MLA style in text citation with the author’s last name and page number in parentheses (Last name #).

· Include an MLA style Works Cited entry for the Klosterman article.


The link you should use to answer this task

Note :

I attached the word file to read this article if you don’t use the direct link .

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