CDC’s National Notifiable Diseases Research Paper

1. Choose a topic from from among the list of the Nationally Notfiable Diseases of the CDC, per my approval. The paper will be double-spaced, 12 font Times Roman Numeral, with 1 inch margins on all sides.

2. Conduct a literature research in 3 scholarly journals. These journals must be peer-reviewed medical journals. Also, they each must be cited on your reference page. These medical journals can be found in the online. You will also need three references from good websites, be choosy, and not Wikipedia.[You may use additional references; however, you must use a minimum of 3 scholarly journals (medical = medicine, nursing, allied health)].

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CDC’s National Notifiable Diseases Research Paper
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3. Write (type) a 6-page research paper (The Body) along with the Title page (page 1) and Reference page (last page) = 8 pages on your findings. Also, I encourage you to include tables and diagrams (these are to be considered extra pages) to be submitted within the paper and appropriately numbered.

4. The points or topics you need to discuss in your paper are: Who is affected, History, Signs and Symptoms, Diagnosis, Prognosis, Preventions, Current Research being done (if pertinent). You need to cross-reference your references in the text itself. Use MLA formatting, and below is a website you can view: (

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