Book rewritting and editing

I want to request a bit of a different job. I have recently written a book (60,000 words) about the conservative (right-wing) political economy, intended for the mass market. However, as a first time author, I am not sure how good it is, and what the industry standards are. What I want to request is a partial rewrite and edit. Basically, what would mean is that you would go through the book, and add/remove entire sections as you see fit to improve the quality of the arguments. This would include backing up any weak points, removing contradictions or inconsistencies, misconceptions, factual inaccuracies, and overall turning the book from amatuer to professional. In addition, I would ask you to proofread and make sure that the document is free from any grammatical or spelling errors, and in line with Chicago Manual guidelines. Please provide me with your price for this. Time is flexible, whatever works for you.

Additionally it is not an academic script. It is a book intended for the general audience. It is a fully written book, but needs quite heavy editing, which could even include adding content to stengthen arguments, rewriting poorly wrtten parts, etc.

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Book rewritting and editing
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Around 15-20k words may need to be rewritten.

Plus about 10K words of original content to back up weak or incomplete arguements. Finally, editing would involve restructuring, removing any contradictions or inaccuracies, and proofreading.

Overall, I am looking for someone to take an amatuer writers first book, to an industry-standard publication ready, professional and polished manuscript.

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