Applied Kinesiology GaitAnalysis Report

Applied Kinesiology GaitAnalysis Report


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Applied Kinesiology GaitAnalysis Report
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Gait is the primary means of human locomotion. It is arguably the most complex and fundamental movement we engage in during our lifetime. Practitioners abroad study gait and use it as a means of both movement assessment and as a means of conditioning the human body. This assignment is designed to allow you to utilize all of the knowledge you have obtained in this course and apply it to the analysis of human gait. You will choose either walking or running, and then write a report profiling a brief, yet thorough analysis of the movement. Your report will provide information about the muscles/joints and associated features and factors related to their functions during gait. Although gait is extremely complex, do not worry. I will help guide you through your analysis. The length of the report will be no less than 4 pages and no more than 6 pages of text double spaced and in 12 point font.  Sources must be cited and listed in a reference page (APA format) which does not count toward page totals.  Pictures or diagrams can be part of your report but only up to two2 pages(locate onlybetween the text section and reference page).  If you use pictures then you must reference them in the text this way: (see Figure1).  They will not count toward or against the written page numbers.  Too few or too many pages, as noted above, will result in a loss of 10 points for each page.  The format will be very precise so please follow these directions.Information you gather for this report will come from many sources.  A minimum of FIVE sources is required. In addition, a minimum of TWO of those sources must come from a published research article (and not from the one listed in part IV).  The best way to gather information from a research article is to read it and then summarize it in your own words.  That way you can use ideas developed by the authorsin your paper and givethe authors credit for it. Use this strategy if you are having trouble extracting useful information from articles.


The due date for this report is December 12th, 2020 by 11:59pm.


Specific content for your report must include these headings:


Introduction:Briefly describe which form of gait you chose (walking or running). In general terms, describe how muscles, bones, tendons, fascia, and the nervous system accomplish this task. (i.e. muscles pull on bones, etc.)


  1. Features:
    1. Pick one of the following:
      1. Walking: stance phase OR swing phase
      2. Running: stance phase, swing phase, OR flight phase
    2. Describethe chosen phase of your form of gait and the movements that occur at each joint during this phase. Be sure to use correct joint movement descriptors in your description (see Chapter 1 for reminders). Describe theanatomical features such as general location and narrow your description down to specific joints.


  1. Total Body Analysis:
    1. Briefly describe the planes and axes used to analyze movement(s).
    2. Which planes of movement are involved in your chosen form of gait? Provide some joint-specific examples as proof for your statements.


  • Myology:
    1. Describe the qualities of the type of muscle fibers mainly involved in your chosen form of gait.
    2. Refer to your chosen “phase” from Part I. Discuss synergist(s) and antagonist(s) muscles and their attachment sites of the LOWER extremityduring this specific phase.
    3. When and how (concentric, isometric, eccentric) do these muscles contract during this phase?
    4. Pick one of the following: Gluteus Maximus, Vastus Medialis, Iliopsoas, or Biceps Femoris
    5. State its origin, insertion, what joint(s) it crosses, and its action. Describe how you think the overall gait mechanics would change if this muscle were:
      1. Injured
      2. Weak (underactive)
  • Tight (overactive)


  1. Analysis of Fascial Lines:
    1. Review the functional lines as described in this article
    2. Pick TWO lines that you feel are most active during your chosen phase of gait. Explain why you chose these two lines (i.e. provide evidence)
    3. Provide a specific exercise for each functional line your chose and describe an exercise that might activate/strengthen the muscles and fascia within each of these lines.



  1. Conclusion:
    1. State any necessary conclusions you came to regarding gait during this assignment. What did you learn? What did you find most interesting/surprising? How does this affect your view of gait? The human body?
    2. Given that gait is such a fundamental human movement, do you feel it is important to train/condition the body with respect to gait mechanics? Why or why not?


  1. Reference Page
    1. An APA formatted reference page is required at the end of your report.



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