Advertising Assessment

Truth in Advertising Assessment

You have four papers to read about Nutrition in advertising and health claims.  Your assignment for this assessment is to read all four papers and to write an opinion/summary paper over the information you learned reading those four papers.

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Advertising Assessment
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First: You are to critically read each paper, evaluate the paper, identify any bias or false statements in the paper, and reference your reasons why you found them biased or false.

Second: You are to find 5 people, preferably not all from your family, and you are going to survey them using the following questions.

  1. Why do you think that food containing additives and preservatives are cheaper than whole foods?
  2. Do “buy product A and get product B for free” coupons influence your spending/eating habits at the grocery store?
  3. If you eat fast food, does the 2 for $5, or boxed menus influence your eating habits?
  4. How influenced are you by food advertisements on television or the movies?
  5. Do you purchase foods based on labeling claims, such as fat free, no GMO, or Organic?

Finally:Take the answers to your survey and summarize them, evaluate them, and compare them to the information you learned reading the papers.

As per the other papers, this needs to be in Times New Roman 12 point font, double spaced, 1 inch margins. The two parts of the paper (paper evaluation/survey evaluation) should add up to no less than 4 pages no more than 8 pages in length.  Please make sure your name is on your paper.


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