Adolescent Interview and Paper

Adolescent Interview and Paper


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Adolescent Interview and Paper
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  • Interview 13-18 years old
  • Provide informed consent. They will be asked a series of questions about themselves and that their name and other identifying information will be not be included in paper.
  • Read over the list of potential questions and generate a list of your own questions to ensure you are addressing all course material in the categories of home, peers, school and moral/spiritual development.
  • Arrange about an hour with the adolescent in a place where you will not be disturbed.
  • If the adolescent is comfortable and approves, record the interview. Otherwise, record their answers in an unobtrusive way. Ask clarifying questions to make sure you understand their thoughts.

Analysis paper should include:

  1. Description of the adolescent include age, physical characteristics and receptivity in the interview.
  2. Description of the attitude the adolescent has towards their What seems to the climate of family life? How much autonomy and control do you seem to enjoy? How would you describe your parents’ parenting style using Daumrind’s classifications? What is your relationship with siblings, if any?
  3. Description of the adolescent attitudes toward their peers. Do you have many friends? Are your friends age-mates or the same sex? How does the climate of home seem to affect the way you relate to your peers? What type of activities seem to be important?
  4. Description of the adolescent’s attitude toward In what ways does it reflect the climate of your home? In what ways does it reflect the effect of your relationships to peers? In what ways does it reflect your own specific competencies and personal goals and abilities? Describe your identity formation and status (Marcia).
  5. Description of the adolescent’s attitude toward church/religion/morality. In what ways does this reflect the climate of home? How does this reflect the adolescent’s self-concept, values, choices and views of the future? How would you describe their moral development (Kohlberg)?
  6. Integration of course content. Your paper should assume that the reader knows nothing about adolescent development, which means you must define all terminology and describe theoretical concepts. This paper should be a showcase of your knowledge and ability to apply course material to a real-life example. Be sure to provide interview quotes and examples in your responses to questions 2-5 and refer to course content and text readings in your discussion. Examples of argumentativeness, indecisiveness, imaginary audience, invulnerability (personal fable), and/or hypothetical-deductive reasoning should be mentioned as well as indictors of the level of the teen’s moral development or identity status. Be sure to define terms and cite the sources of your information using APA format.
  7. This paper should be 9-10 double spaced pages in length. Submitted papers are to be in 12-point font size, Times New Roman, with a one-inch margin around the sides and must adhere to APA format. Title pages and/or abstracts are not necessary and will not count toward the page requirement. However, you can and should submit a reference page, which will count towards the page requirement. Refer to the syllabus for the due date.


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