Women’s rights

These papers should be written primarily in third person(he/she/they)with the exception of Part 4 . They also should be in past tense. Here are the steps you need to complete:


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Women’s rights
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Background information explaining the topic along with thesis statement:

Your thesis is the theme or big idea that you see governing your research. You must

clearly state your topic and the predominant editorial perspectives of the topic/ event

in your unifying statement.


The national and/or international response to the topic/ event:

In this section, you should provide an overview of the impact(s) this event had on the

nation as whole and beyond. Did the topic/event have an only a local impact or

national/international impact?



Media coverage of the event: Identify 4-5 different perspectives on the event. Be sure to comment on both national and international coverage of the event.



Your perspective: Considering the different perspectives that you have researched, forge and extrapolate your own perspective of the event.




Citing Your Sources:

In a research paper, you have to show where you get your information from. You will be using your annotated bibliography to prepare a Works Cited page (more later). As you write, you need to cite where you got your information from. Whenever you have information in your paper that you didn’t know already or a quotation, you need to put where that information came from in parentheses, using the source’s last name (or last name, first name if you have sources with the same last name. This is called parenthetical notation.

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