Will be what ever the case study you select will be

The purpose of this case study will be to attempt to determine the motivational developmental level of physical education classes or students who have had some type of psychological situation in life through activities or sports. Socioeconomic background in the following areas: physical, social/emotional, intellectual (cognitive), and moral/ethical components related to stress, anxiety, health and life style changes. The theories of the following theorists will be used as benchmarks for each area of development:
Vealey, Bandra, Skinner, Maslow, Piaget are just a few of the scientific psychologists you will encounter with your selected research for this Case Study.

Though many suggestions are put forth, no set formats exist for writing a case study. Bromley(1986) identified the following items for a case study that captured the developmental levels of a subject:
• Summary of the methods/procedures used in conducting the study
• Demographic information, physical appearance of the subject
• Lifestyle and history (routine activities, possessions, important life events, etc.)
• Psychological makeup (attitudes, motivations, self-concept, etc.)
• Social history (social role as the leader of a group, relationships with family and friends, loyalties, etc)
• Moral and ethical standards (Example- What type of treatments are being taken by the student).
• Statement of reservations, implications, or comments important to the case study
• Summary and conclusion sections (main findings, conclusions, recommendations, predications).”

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Will be what ever the case study you select will be
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