The Graduation Assignment

The Graduation Assignment is assessed according to the following list of criteria:

1) Identification of the relevance of the Research Topic and Research Question: analysis of the relevance of the research topic in the current research and socio-economic environment; evidence provided on the importance of the topic; in the case of a company case study: background details to the organisation ; clarity of the research questions and the research objectives.

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The Graduation Assignment
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2) Literature Review: critical selection and appraisal of the appropriate literature enabling to frame the research question in a solid and consistent academic background; references to the selected literature within the dissertation narrative; identification of significant concepts, theories and debates; linkage of the literature to the objectives; accurate referencing.

3) Methodological Assessment: appropriate choice of the methodological approach in relation to the research question; welldefined research design; quality of data selected and/or collected; clear documentation and explanation of primary data collection methods (where applicable); awareness of alternative methodological approaches and limits to their employability to answer the research question defined for this BBA dissertation project.

4) Conclusion, Managerial and Ethical implications: critical analysis of key findings; appropriate findings in relation to the original research question; coherency and consistency of conclusions; awareness of limitations; analysis of managerial and ethical recommendations and implications.

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