The Composing Process

The Composing Process

Your process for composing this paper will be similar to the work you completed for Paper I. In particular, you should introduce your subject, offer some context for your analysis and state your thesis, present your analysis, come to a general resolution that reinforces your thesis, and conclude the paper by pointing toward additional research that should or needs to be undertaken. Consider the following structure as you draft your paper:

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The Composing Process
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  • Introduction (designed to frame your paper)
  • Research Context (designed to build on Exercise II)
  • Rhetorical Analysis (designed to draw from scholarly sources; this is the largest part of your paper)
  • Resolution of Perspectives (designed to reinforce your thesis)
  • Conclusion & Directions (designed to gesture toward future action)





Specific Requirements

Your paper should:

  • Analyze the issue using 4-5 scholarly sources related to your inquiry (at least 2 must be new sources);
  • Develop a compelling thesis based on methodical analysis;
  • Have a well-defined and coherent organizational structure;
  • Be written in a clear, precise, and active prose style;
  • Cite sources correctly using MLA or an approved citation style;
  • Include a title that reflects the spirit and scope of your paper;





Talk about like the origins of mass market textbooks, how the price has risen extremely in the last few

years and how there is a need for a more affordable textbook for college students.


Whether from administration or student viewpoint, everyone seems to have a differing opinion on whether they prefer digital textbooks or classic print textbooks. Based on the research I have conducted there is a 88% increase in the price of college textbooks since 2006.


-Research Context:

Talk about the invention of ebooks and how the technology has progressed since, talk about how it has

been introduced as an affordable solution to the problem of the cost of textbooks. Mention how it has been questioned as an equal to physical textbooks, with some saying that it offers a lower level of

reading comprehension



Analyze how the sources see ebooks in comparison to textbooks, talk about the difference in price and

what researchers have found when researching the reading comprehension levels of people using

ebooks vs real books.




Talk about how there isn’t a lot of academically specific research on textbooks in particular, and how there

should be research into whether ebooks are as good as textbooks for college students.


Reading Across Mediums:

“From the available research , there is evidence that frequent scrolling increases the cognitive demands on readers and, thus, may negatively affect recall”

“When surveyed on why they preferred e-readers, participants reported that digital texts provided speedier access and greater portability than print.”


Digital Textbooks: The Next Paradigm Shift in Higher Education?




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