Supply chain and logistics


Module Learning Outcomes Assessed:

Critically analyse and discuss systematically

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Supply chain and logistics
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1    the concepts, principles and modelsrelated

    to Supply ChainManagement.                     

Analytically examine the supply chain with

2    organisations and measure performance improvement.

Synthesise a range of advanced and

3    specialised concepts, principles and models and apply these for operational andstrategic


Show an autonomous ability for research,

4    problem-solving and an enthusiasm for furtherlearning.


Coursework Type:


A coursework report of 2500 words, +/- 10%

Module Co-ordinator:  

Coursework Title:

Developing a supply chain and logistic resilience Strategy for the food and drinks




This assignment is concerned with the production, distribution, and consumption of essential item(s) during pandemics. The items under discussion are currently being sourced from outside Scotland, across different locations, including Africa, Asia, other European countries. The pandemic is global; however, its nature suggests that countries are not affected on the same scale, mainly due to different times at whichcountries are exposed to it. The situation is hurting the supply chain of food products in Scotland which is exacerbated by a sudden surge in consumers’ demand due to restrictions and lockdown that forced people to consume food more thantheynormallydo.Duetotheseasonalityofagriculturalfoodproduction and the evidence that many countries are accessing the same resourcepool in Africa, Asia, and other European countries, a robust and resilient supply chainisrequiredforScotlandtomeetthegrowingfooddemandofits



inScotland,useappropriateandrelevantsupplychainmodels/theories,such as forecasting, S&OP, CPFR, lead capacity strategy, and theory of constraints,thatarecoveredinthismoduletodesignaresilientsupplychain strategy/model that will reduce the food supply chain complexity and ensuring the effective supply of foods to meet the daily demand of about 5.6million people inScotland.


Key Requirements: The goal of the assignment is to design/propose a flexible and resilient supply chain strategy/model to ensure continuous availability of foods. The report must address but not limited to the followings:


·         Thefocusofthisassignmentisonfoodsupplychainmanagementand not on thepandemic;

·         Select at least a food product (the product must be from outside the UK) of your choice and conduct a critical analysis of its supply chain (i.e. route to market) and propose how the complexity of SC can be improved using appropriate supply chainmodels/theories;

·         Identify and critically discuss the position of your client in the food valuechain

·         Design a supply chain audit protocol for your client: (1) to increase the traceability of the selected food product(s), and (2) to integrate its logistics functions into a seamless supply chain operation that can effectively interact with suppliers and customers (i.e. end-to-end SC integration);

·         Usingrelevantsupplychaintools/techniquesthatarediscussedinthis module, critically explain how your client can enhance its inventory (replenishment and ordering) management while maximising the availability of food to all its customers inScotland.

Presentation Format/Instructions: (word count/report/essay/etc)
§  You are required to produce the work in report format. Graphs, tables, and charts are to be used as appropriate and are not included in the word count but must be accurately cited and explained in-text. The executive summary and table of contents are not included in the word count.

§  Evidence you wish to present in support of your work should beappended and referenced in the main body of work. An appendix isnot


included in the word count but must be relevant to the assignment and appropriately discussed in the main body.

§  The recommended font type is Verdana, font size 11, with 1.5 spacing, andjustified.

§  A coursework report could be structured as follows (this is an indicative structure and you can be innovative in designing your structure but must berelevant):

The following are required:


§  Titlepage,

§  Abstract, Table ofContents,

§  Introduction with the aim and objectives of thereport,

§  A critical review of relevant and currentliterature,

§  CriticalAnalysis:

Understand Current State,

Gather Best Practices & Benchmarks, Develop Future State,

Conduct Gap Analysis, Build a Roadmap.

§  Conclusion,

§  Recommendations,

§  References,

§  Appendices.


You should make use of relevant theories and models throughout your coursework and utilise relevant literature to provide an academic underpinning to your discussion. As this is a postgraduate assessment, there is an expectation that your submission will be critical, evaluative, and robust in the analysis. You are encouraged to utilised analytical

visualisations in an applied manner.


A cover page is required with the word count displayed. 10% over this limit is acceptable. Failure to keep within 10% of the designated upper word count will result in a penalty of a reduction of one grade. Any appendices you may attach are not included in the word count. You must include a statement on the front cover of your work that gives the word count. You

must comply with staff requests to submit to Turnitin and provide a receipt when asked to do so.

Harvard referencing should be used throughout.



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