Native American Indians as the mascot?  15 years ago, the NCAA distributed a “self-evaluation” to its member institutions to determine if their school’s athletic program name or imagery could be deemed offensive.  This self-evaluation produced controversy at academic institutions, inevitably creating a chasm between supporters of the change and of loyalists to the institution’s brand/imagery. For this DBP, read the hyperlinked article below and be sure to cover all areas in your DBP from “Items to Address”.  Many examples of institutions to choose from are provided throughout the text of the article. Where Pride Meets Prejudice   Items to Address: “Bold” your institution’s name (university or college) and their team name at the top of the post (e.g., University of Illinois – Fighting Illini) Report on the university’s athletic program, specifically pertaining to changes that have been made through their history of past Native American imagery (i.e., Was it the logo? The name? The logo and name? Is there a new name/image?) Explain what you have learned through your own research about the school’s Native American name/imagery. Provide a weblink (copy/paste) of where you gathered your information. Lastly, give your personal feelings on these changes, not specifically of your chosen institution, but of the changes that have occurred over time from reading the hyperlinked article.  Consider both sides of the argument, the alumni/school lineage side, and those that deem the name or symbols of the institution as disrespectful or prejudice. Your entire post should be approximately 12-16 complete sentences, but more is always welcome. Due to the social nature of the course and controversial topics that may arise, all students are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner and respect the opinions of others.  Students should feel comfortable to openly share their ideas in a safe environment.

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