South Korea Paper

A brief is simply a summary of important facts about a country. Your brief should be 2.5-3 pages in length. Be sure to review the Writing a Policy Brief information. A policy brief includes the following information:

Title: Name of the Country you are analyzing.
Executive Summary: This section is often one to two paragraphs long; It will include an overview of the people, government structure (i.e. Democracy or authoritarian), historical view of the country (are they stable or prone to political violence)
Context or Scope of Problem: This section will be one to two paragraphs outlining what the country has that America might want to trade or find desirable.
Policy Recommendations: Based on your view of the countries structure, do you recommend trade with this country? What will be the advantages? Do you see any disadvantages with trading with them (i.e. making other countries mad at us or replacing something we are getting from another country)
US Current Policy: Now do a quick survey in the supplied web pages or on your own and state the current US trade policy towards your country. Is it the same are you recommend?
Sources: These should be reliable sources that you have used throughout your brief to guide your policy discussion and recommendations. You may use APA or MLA style (APA is preferred).

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South Korea Paper
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