Senior Project in Integrative Studies

Senior Project in Integrative Studies


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Senior Project in Integrative Studies
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The Senior Project is an independent study project.  The proposed Thesis or Study Project will be determined by the student under the direction and with the permission of Professor Odell-Scott.  Passing the Senior Project is required for completing the Bachelor of Integrative Studies degree.


In short: You are required to submit three seperate works to complete the Senior Project course:

  • You must submit a proposal.
    • The proposal will be reviewed and assessed (but not graded).
    • If Approved, you move to the next assignment, the Micro Paper.
    • If the Proposal is Returned, you will need to edit and possiblty rewrite the proposal and Resubmit. You can not proceed to the next assignment till the proposal is approved.
  • You must submit a Micro Paper.
    • The Micro Paper will be reviewed and assessed (but not graded).
    • If Approved, you move to the next assignment, the Final Senior Project.
    • If Returned, you will need to edit and possiblty rewrite the Micro Paper and Resubmit. You can not proceed to the next assignment till the proposal is approved.
  • You must submit a Final Senior Project.
    • Your Final Senior Project will be reviewed and GRADED. The grade received for the Final Senior Project is the only graded item and that will be your grade for the course.
    • If there is an issue with the submitted Final Senior Project that needs attention in order to pass, you will be given an opportunity to fix the issue.


The course fulfills the university writing intensive requirement.  This is the reason for the multiple opportunties to improve your written work so that you can capitalize on recommendations, criticisms and suggestions for improving you paper.


All written work will be carefully reviewed as to the quality of written communication and those qualities associated with academic excellence. It is not uncommon for both proposal and micro assignment to be reviewed and returned for additional work.  Please note: the proposal and the micro are not graded.  However both proposal and the micro paper are required. If your proposal or micro is assessed as UNACCEPTED then you will need to review the critical review, comments, suggestions and requirements on how to improve the submittedwork, edit and rewrite the assignment, resubmit your work for my review.Returning you proposal or micro for aditional work is not a punishment.


While all course work is REQUIRED, the final course grade is only determined by the assessment of the final submitted Senior Project.  HOWEVER, if your proposal and micro are not successfully submitted and reviewed as ACCEPTED, you cannot submit the final Senior Project.




  • ALL COURSE COMMUNICATIONS must be conducted through your address which is the required portal by the University for All University Business.
  • ALL COURSE COMMUNICATIONS to Professor Odell-Scott should be addressed
  • ALL COURSE WORK must be submitted as an attachment in docor Word.docxby email from the student’s address to
    • To identify the work you are submitting, you must type in the email subject line “Proposal,” or “Micro,” or “Final Senior Project.”
    • If you have a question, then simply write “Senior Project” in the subject line.
    • Students in the Senior Project with Professor Odell-Scott are required to check their email daily in order to insure efficient communication.


  • It is the student’s responsibility to contact the instructor if there is need for consultation on the project. Consultation can be arranged by appointment.  Consultations are not provided on a walk in basis.



The student’s course grade for the Senior Project will be determined by the quality of the final submitted project.

  • However, the student is required to submit an acceptable proposal, and an acceptable micro assignment.








Proposal dueSeptember 28, 2020.


Provide a clear statement of your proposed thesis. What is your thesis which you will explore?  What question do you want to answer?  What do you want to convey?  What position are you arguing for?


The proposal should include details regarding how you will structure your project, a preliminary list of academic sources you will explore, and an indication how you will proceed to accomplish this work.


You must receive a statement from the instructor that your proposal has been accepted to proceed to work on the micro paper assignment.  If your proposal is returned as unsatisfactory, you must correct and do further work on the proposal before you can proceed to the next project – which is the micro assignment.





Micro Paper due October 30, 2020.


Students ARE REQUIRED TO SUBMIT aMicro Assignment (five to eight pages in length) no later than the stated due dateabove.  A Micro Assignment is not extra work, but should be a section of your final senior project that you will incorporate into in your Final Senior Project. TheMicro will be reviewed and critiqued by the instructor.  The purpose for submitting and reviewing the work is to provide the student an opportunity to have this smaller sectionof the larger project reviewed without being graded, so you have an opportunity to improve the workbefore ssubmitting the final paper for a grade.




Micro paper must be well written (meaningin terms of content, grammar, citations and style).

  • A Micro that is unsatisfactory in terms of grammar, citations and style will be returned and the student will be required to take the micro to the writing commons for assistance. The student is thus required to re-submit the reworked Micro.  The writing commons submits a receipt to the instructor of having worked with a student.
  • Remember, the purpose of the Micro assignments is to provide you an opportunity to improve your Senior Project so you have an opportunity to improve your final course grade.





Final Senior Project Due Date: December 4, 2020


Final Senior Project required minimum length:28 typed pages.


The final senior Project must be submitted to both (1) SafeAssign in the course site on Blackboard, and (2) as an attachment mailed to IGSTPROJECT@KENT.EDU.





All work submitted to the instructor must be submitted as an attachment in an email addressed to Professor Odell-Scott


  1. Title Page. Each item of work submitted must include a title pagewith the following information which is single spaced:



“Senior Project, IGST 40099.003”

<Item of work – Proposal, Micro, Final Project>



<Student Email Address>


Work which lacks the items above will be returned without review.


  1. All work must be typed in 12 point Times Roman font, double spaced, standard one inch margins (top, bottom and sides), no extra spacing between paragraphs, with page numbers in the upper right corner.


  1. All documents must be written in MicrosoftWord doc or docx word processing program.


  1. Do not use an on-line word processing program.
  2. Do not submit a link for your paper to a site.
  3. Do not submit a paper as a pdf.
  4. Do not submit a paper through Google Docs.


  1. All documents must be submitted as an attachment.


  1. IF I CANNOT OPEN THE SUBMITTED PAPER IN WORD DOC OR DOCX, THEN THE PAPER HAS NOT BEEN PROPERLY SUBMITTED and will be returned without review. The paper will be marked as “not submitted”.




  1. Before you send a document, proofread your text or have a trusted and skilled friend proof read your work.  Check your spelling and grammar.


If any assigned work that fails to conform to these style guidelines OR is insufficient in length, it will be returned AND must be corrected and resubmitted.





If you plan to graduate at the end of theFall2020 semester, you must submit the proposal, micro and final senior project by the due dates.


If you are not able to meet the deadlines for submitting each of the required items, then you may not be able to complete the senior project in time to graduate in December 2020.


ITurning in a Proposal or Micro Assignment late will result in delays which may make it difficult for you to complete the Final Senior Project by the end of the academic term.  This is not a punishment, but the reality of the time and effort it takes to conceive, research, compose, edit and write a Senior Project.  And the time it takes to carefully read, consider, and assess your submitted work.


IN PROGRESS:  If you are not able to complete the final senior project by the end of the semester, but you have shown progress by completing one of the the other writing assignments, the instructor may assess that you have made progress on the course.  At the discretion of the instructor,you may be given the mark of IP (“In Progress”) for the course at the end of the semester.  This will provide you an opportunity to continue to work on the course requirements over subsequent months and semesters until you have completed your work.



The only item of work that is graded is the final senior project.  You are required to submit and receive an assessment that your proposal and Micro are acceptable, but these works are not graded.

If you run late and miss a deadline, or cannot complete the project by the end of the semester and receive an IP for the course, your grade will not be penalized for running late.






All Material quoted or paraphrased from other sources (whether copyrighted or not) must be properly cited according to the specified format for academic papers.  Violations of this requirement are extremely serious. University policy 3-01.8 deals with the problem of academic dishonesty, cheating, and plagiarism.  Violations will not be tolerated, and will be the grounds for failing the course.  In egregious cases, the penalty for academic dishonesty on a student’s senior project may be grounds for dismissal from the university.  The sanctions provided in this policy will be used to deal with any violations.  If you have any questions, or are unsure, please read the policy at  If you have a question regarding whether you are doing something correctly or wrongly regarding academic honesty/dishonesty, please just ask me.


It is expected that the micro assignment and final paper are your own work.  At any point in the process, the instructor may request that you go over your work and provide in detail to the instructor how you discovered your research or how you composed some aspect of the work.

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