Research essay on a business management

Through the research paper, students have the opportunity to conduct an in-depth investigation on an area of Management.


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Research essay on a business management
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Criteria for grading:


Papers are to be typed in proper APA format (double spaced, one-inch margins, 12 point font, etc.).


Use of a minimum of ten (10) original, scholarly sources (properly cited).


Page limits: Ten page minimum; fifteen page maximum (plus title page, abstract, and references).

Thesis Statement and ourpose:

Leadership Skills and the impact made on Organizational Control.


I purpose to inform in my in-depth investigation on leadership skills and the impact made on Organizational Control for my research paper. The purpose of my paper is to discover how leadership skills impact organizational control and the best method to apply them in business management.


As a Construction Management student leadership-skills are very important to me because they are essential skills needed in my desired career path. It is also important to understand the impact Leadership-skills have on Organizational control so one can apply them correctly in order to manage a team. The benefit of knowing Leadership-skills and the ability to apply them in a work environment is beneficial to anyone looking to manage a team, own a business, or become any kind of management. The knowledge of how Organizational Control is impacted by leadership-skills are necessary to determine where to effectively apply them for the best outcome.


To complete my paper, I will be using secondary research sources by using credible academic sources by Google Scholar,, and other websites of similar peer reviewed content

Scholorly scources already found 4 still need 6 more for essay completion



Bharanitharan, D. K., Lowe, K. B., Bahmannia, S., Chen, Z. X., & Cui, L. (2020). Seeing is not believing: Leader humility, hypocrisy, and their impact on followers’ behaviors. The Leadership Quarterly, 101440.
This is an article found on Google Scholar the link leads you to an educational website that is creditable. The date it was written is current and is relevant to argue my research.


Campos, J. A., Aubert, A., Guo, M., & Joanpere, M. (2020). Improved Leadership Skills and Aptitudes in an Excellence EMBA Program: Creating Synergies With Dialogic Leadership to Achieve Social Impact. Frontiers in Psychology, 11(11).
This is an Article found on Google Scholar the link leads you to a government site where peer-reviewed articles are published. The date is recent and relevant to my paper as evidence to support my research. I believe this is a credible source.


Qi, L., Liu, B., Wei, X., & Hu, Y. (2019). Impact of inclusive leadership on employee innovative behavior: Perceived organizational support as a mediator. PLOS ONE, 14(2), e0212091.
The source was found on Google Scholar data is current and relevant to evidence to my research. The link leads you to an educational site with other peer-reviewed articles.


Sloof, R., & von Siemens, F. A. (2019). Effective leadership and the allocation and exercise of power in organizations. The Leadership Quarterly.
This source was found on Google Scholar the link leads you to an educational site with other peer-reviewed articles and is credible. The date is current and relevant to my research as evidence.





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