Reflective Portfolio On The Practice of Mindfulness And Evaluation

This assignment of 6000 words will consist of two parts. The first part of the assignment will be reflective, drawing upon your personal experience of practicing mindfulness as reflected in your journal and relating your learning to the underlying principles of mindfulness. In the second part of the assignment, you will select one or more themes underpinning mindfulness and, drawing upon research, you will critically examine their relevance and applicability to a selected professional setting.

Learning Outcomes The submission assesses learning outcomes which are commensurate with relevant material in the first Mindfulness module.

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Reflective Portfolio On The Practice of Mindfulness And Evaluation
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You are expected to: demonstrate a critical understanding and knowledge of theories, principles, definitions and key features of mindfulness; demonstrate a critical awareness of current issues with regards to mindfulness; practise mindfulness in daily life situations; identify and critically explore the concept of mindfulness in a selected professional setting; practice, review and critically appraise methods for developing mindfulness and the development of the attitudes and values commensurate with mindfulness in their personal life context; critically analyse, consolidate and review knowledge, skills, practices and thinking; deal with complex issues and make informed judgements with regards to mindfulness practice; exercise substantial autonomy and initiative in professional and equivalent activities.

Requirements The assignment you submit should: 1) Draw upon and reference personal reflections on their mindfulness practice, outlining the underlying principles, challenges, benefits and impact of this practice in relation to a maximum of three practices introduced in the course; 2) Demonstrate knowledge of the underlying principles of mindfulness and critically examine their applicability and relevance to a selected professional context; 3) Convey the use of your reading of a range of different sources and use this information to support points made in discussion; 4) Include page numbers.

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