Project Charter for a Website

Outcomes addressed in this activity:

Unit Outcomes:
• Discuss the purpose of the project Charter and project Scope documents.
• Identify and analyze user needs through requirements gathering process.
• Determine the criteria you should use when defining project goals.
• Create the scope statement and project charter for a project.
• Analyze how requirements are different from deliverables or goals.
• Determine the process for arriving at the critical success factors of a project.
You are in the planning stages of your project. You continue to think about the needs of the business and the nature of a solution. You continue to add important detail and definition. This is often the most difficult part of the project, as many things have yet to be defined, and there is not nearly enough detail yet. You will use this assignment and the work you are doing with your progression on a technical solution or plan to add further definitions. You are in week two of your project. There are only seven weeks left; you must use your considerable imagination and knowledge to get to the necessary level of detail.
You will need to identify all the detailed tasks. The work you do this week will determine how successful you will be with task definition activities.
Assignment Instructions:
Project – Charter and Scope.
In this Assignment, you will create a Project Charter and Project Scope document based on your Final Project.
Using information obtained from your research and from extending the scenario in an imaginative direction to add detail, you will develop your project concept and charter. See below for some detail on the meaning and information contained within these documents.
Create the Project Charter – This document is an official, formal document that acknowledges and recognizes that a project exists. It is usually published by the project sponsor but can also be published by another upper-level manager. It is important that the charter is published by a senior-level manager because it gives more weight and authority to the document, and to you as the project manager, and it demonstrates management’s commitment and support for the project.
The charter contains several pieces of information about the project that are more in-depth than the project concept document but not as detailed as those found in the scope statement. As you can see, we have started at the 50,000-foot view with the project concept document, and now we are closing in a little tighter with the project charter by refining some of those elements even further. By the time we get to the project scope statement, we will know all the precise requirements of the project and what elements will be used to determine whether the project is successful at completion.
Create the Scope Statement – the document addresses the broad goals, objectives and deliverables, including milestones (preliminary schedule) and provides broad estimates of time and cost (preliminary budget overview). You will derive the Work Breakdown Structure based on this document.
Assignment Requirements
The project Charter and Scope documents are shown to and referenced at the highest level of the organization. These documents will need to be formatted in professional manner. They will need to be complete, consistent, clear and concise.
Review the grading rubric below before beginning this activity.

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