Oral Presentation Assignment • a 6-8 minute Powerpoint (or Keynote) presentation, due to time limits, you will not be able to go over 10 minutes.

You will probably have 8-15 slides for a presentation in this time frame, but there is no hard and fast rule about that.

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• the topic will be a peer-reviewed behavior paper (same requirements for the written paper and the extra-credit paper if you choose to do one.)

• you will submitted your powerpoint or keynote (for mac users) file through blackboard *before* the day of the presentations • on the day of your presentations I will *randomly* select people to go – so *everyone* must be prepared the first day (and be on time)

• I will give the student presenting presentation access so they can display their slides from their computer, and deliver their presentation virtually • I’m not going to make people use their video camera (so we will not see you) but you must turn on your mic, and you must be able to do that (so their can’t be a lot of background noise etc.)

About the presentation You are explain the research in the paper – but you are also giving a presentation (and a short one). So aim for having a good presentation – make it interesting, make it informative, keep in mind your audience will no little or nothing about topic. The papers are really varied, so there isn’t a one-size fits all approach, but here are some things to keep in mind. Some things to keep in mind • start with an introduction (and a title slide) – of your self and the topic • if your paper focuses on a particular species – briefly introduce the species (if it is a really unusual species, no one will know it, if it is a common species, you might say something more specific about it.) – you can use wikipedia for basic information about the species* – show a picture of the species, maybe a range map • introduce the research – you may need to clearly explain (it depends on the paper you are reviewing) – the study methods – the behavior (can you relate it to something we studied in class?) – is it of particular interest to the species (i.e. conservation applications, or is it broadly applicable to the field of behavior) • in a presentation this short every slide or almost every slide should have an image, be it a graph or an illustration or a photograph • close with a summary – if you use other sources, make a “bibliography” slide at the end of slide show. It won’t be part of your presentation, but it will suffice to cite the sources. *wikipedia isn’t normally a source you cite for a formal paper or project, but I’m allowing it in this case

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