Perception of adultery in contemporary India

Possible Topics: This is a writing project where you have an opportunity to explore a topic of your own interest – either going deeper into an issue discussed in class or marginal to our discussions. The topic can be relatively flexible, but do remember to address it in terms of its historical implications (for instance if you’re interested in a contemporary issue address some of its historical origins). Be careful in citing texts within your paper and always reference arguments which are not your own – whether you paraphrase ideas or quote word for word references.
In addition to the paper discussion, please provide an annotated bibliography. The bibliography should include both primary and secondary sources. For the bibliography, at least 4-5 secondary sources and 1-3 primary sources would be good. Some of you will rely principally on one primary source (oral history, memoir, newspaper articles, political speeches, biographies, films, novels, short stories, etc.); others of you will engage with several. It will depend on the nature of your topic. Provide the publishing information for each source (author, title, date, city of publication, publishing house) and a brief description (1-2 sentences) of why each source will be important for your paper.

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Perception of adultery in contemporary India
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