Is inequality making us sick?

Unnatural Causes…Is inequality making us sick? The purpose of this assignment is to explore racial and socioeconomic inequalities in health. This is a two-part individual assignment. First, you will watch several video clips—which are apart of PBS’ documentary “Unnatural Causes…Is inequality making us sick?” Broadly, this documentary presents how our environments (i.e., social, economic, and physical) affect our longevity and health. The following clips provide glimpses into these arguments.  Video 1: Trailer  (Links to an external site.) Video 2: There is no Such Thing as the Small Stuff: Being Poor in Louisville  (Links to an external site.) Video 3: The Mystery of Black–White Differences in Infant Mortality  (Links to an external site.) Video 4: Water Rights and Diabetes in Arizona  (Links to an external site.) Second, you will write a brief reflection (i.e., 1-page single-spaced at the maximum), which shares your thoughts about this documentary. Questions to answer include the following: Do you think inequality is making the U.S. sick? Why or why not? Make sure to reference at least one video clip based on your answer. How are these video clips similar to (or different from) other media you have seen, read, or heard on this issue? Please provide specific examples that connect to your ideas.  In what ways did these video clips confirm and/or challenge ideas you hold? For instance, describe a specific moment or scene that affected you and explain why. Finally, state 1-2 key take-away points you learned from this documentary. How do those main points relate to this week’s module content as well as your own personal experiences?

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Is inequality making us sick?
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