Interview transcript

I need a writer to create interview transcripts. I have a research protocol (questions) and participants. I need a writer that can provide responses to the questions in the protocol and also craft a few follow-up questions and responses for each participant in the study. There are a total of 3 participants. So you would have to create four different transcripts of 3 – 4 pages each (total of 9 -12 pages).

The topic of the study is how the participants are experiencing the implementation of artificial intelligence in their workplace. They are QA inspectors for a pharma company and a new technology called Automated Visual Inspection (AVI) has recently been implemented. You will create their responses and reflections about the tool and how it’s impacting their work. I will supply the protocol and the paper (dissertation) that contains the responses (chap 4).

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Interview transcript
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You will be creating transcripts for participants 7-10. I have summarized who they are in chap 4 so you have some background.

The research protocol (questions) are in Appendix A (pg 117) of the attached document.

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