Gapstone Project

Final drafts of traditional research papers should be 8-10-pages long (2000-2500 words), including annotated bibliography
Creative projects (video, art works) should be accompanied by a reflective essay that frames your creative work with the concepts and themes we’ve covered in class. The reflective essay should be 3-5-pages long (750-1250 words).
Memoirs should be 6-8-pages long and accompanied by a 3-5-page reflective essay.
Capstone projects should include a bibliography of at least 5 sources (3 for reflective papers). An annotated bibliography should include a full citation of the source and a short description (25 words or so) of how you’ve used this source in your project.
Final drafts should be double-spaced, use a 12-point font, and be proofread for
spelling/grammatical errors.

I will upload the proposal and tentative thesis. I will also upload her comments on both drafts so you know exactly what she wants. Please make sure you include the interview she is asking for, make it up if you have to. I will also include the instructions on the proposal so you know what interview she is talking about and how the proposal is wrong. If you have any type of questions please contact me.

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Gapstone Project
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