Enviromental Engineering

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Key Takeaways From David Attenborough’s New Film, ‘A Life on Our Planet’

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Enviromental Engineering
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Instructions From Professor:

This assignment is designed to address Global Learning Outcomes 2 and 3, and is worth 10% of the course grade:

Global Perspective: Students will be able to conduct an analysis of the global nature of a selected environmental problem and the extent to which factors such as economics, technology, and society contribute to the problem.
Global Engagement: Students will demonstrate a willingness to develop an engineering solution, process, or technology that reduces adverse environmental impact, is more sustainable, and is appropriate within the framework of economic, technological, and societal factors at national, regional, and global levels.
Through the semester we have looked at a host of environmental problems, how to quantify them, and examined possible solutions. I would like you to select one particular environmental problem and discuss how factors contribute to your selected problem, and suggest an engineering solution, process, or technology that reduces adverse environmental impact, is more sustainable and appropriate for handling the problem. The environmental problem could be any topic that you care about, e.g., sea level rise or coral die-off or plastics polluting the environment!

I suggest that you watch David Attenborough’s documentary: A Life on Our Planet (Links to an external site.) to get more ideas!

Restrict yourself to a one-page write-up that both describes your selected environmental problem (GLO-2) and your proposed solution (GLO-3).

Some examples of Topic you can choose :


Sea level rise

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