Detailed outline for presentation

· Think of the outline as a “script” – it does not have to be verbatim (word or word) in terms of what you’ll say – but it should lay out the major sections of your presentation, what will be covered in each section, what media or activity you’ll include in each section, etc.

· In the outline,

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Detailed outline for presentation
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o define/describe key concepts and assumptions from your theory

o include links to interviews with the theorist and/or examples of communication situations/events that can be analyzed with the theory

o describe activities your group will perform to illustrate the theory (e.g., similar to the get acquainted conversation you had with another student online to illustrate URT), as well as describe your theory’s strengths and limitations.

· The outline also should specific each group member’s role – i.e., what will each member do in terms of researching, creating, and/or presenting content?

· Your outline might be a PPT or Word document; it also should describe the format your presentation will take (e.g., Narrated PPT, YouTube Video, MS Teams/Zoom meeting, etc.).

· There’s no minimum length for the outline, but the more detail you can provide to Jonathan and me about what you plan to do the more information we have on which to provide you feedback before the final assignment is due.

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