Counseling Skills

You are working in the student housing office at a local college. Carrie, a 25-year-old female student, comes into your office in tears, “My boyfriend Carlos and I just broke up this morning. I’m not sure what to do! We’ve lived together for almost two years and I have nowhere to go. He said he wants me out tonight! I don’t have a job, because Carlos didn’t want me to work. Now, I’m stuck! No job, no apartment. How will I live? I have no family near here. I’m scared! Can you help me?”


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Counseling Skills
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As Carrie’s counselor, describe how you would conduct the first meeting. Please include in your response what your actual first response would be to Carrie (how you would verbally respond to what she has just told you). Include an advanced empathic response. Discuss what other steps you need to take to better assist your client. Indicate if you would consult with any colleagues and/or your supervisor and explain your rationale for doing so. What other types of information might you need to know to better help Carrie? Please explain. Would you refer Carrie to see a mental health counselor on campus? If so, why?


Your answer should address the following components:

-Initial response

-Empathic response

-How to conduct the first counseling session

-Consultation component

-Other information

-Other steps needed (community resources)

-Mental health counseling referral

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