Compare and contrast 2 artworks

Choose one example of painting, sculpture, and architecture, from two of the various styles included in your textbook which represent the time period from c.100 BCE to 1500 CE, Chapters 7-19. IMPORTANT: Compare one example of a Western style with one Non-Western style. Western styles include: Roman, Early Christian, Byzantine, Medieval Europe, Romanesque & Gothic. Non-Western styles include: Islamic, Medieval India, China, Japan, Africa and the Americas. The two groups of examples must be from two distinctly different styles and geographical locations (for example, you should not compare Romanesque to Gothic–both are Western Christian church styles).


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Compare and contrast 2 artworks
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Art works from local museum collections may be analyzed for the paper, but this is not required. Any museum works selected must correspond to the time period, cultures and styles described above. The three local museums that have works of the time period are: the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, the Trammell Crow Collection of Asian Art in Dallas and the Dallas Museum of Art. Any local museum works selected must be currently on view in the museum, and should be illustrated with a photograph of you standing next to the installed artwork in the museum.

The introduction should include a full identification for each example of art mentioned in the paper (this would include culture/period/location of origin, artist if known, date of creation, medium, size and current location). Additionally, an illustration of each artwork should be referred to within the text with an in-text reference such as (see fig. 1) and then reproduced at the end of the paper on a plate page along with identification and documented source information in note form below the image.


Thoroughly describe each work of art with enough detail so that someone else can visualize what the artwork looks like from its description.


Describe each example of art in terms of the formal elements of art and principles of design (which are discussed in the textbook’s Introduction). Clearly describe the work in terms of the content and iconology or symbolism. Be specific; describe details and provide examples. Use art vocabulary appropriately.


Define each style. Clearly explain how each artwork does, or does not exemplify each style based on observations.


Compare each artwork; clearly describe how aspects of each of the artworks are similar to each other. Be specific and provide an adequate explanation to justify your comparisons. Compare as many similarities as you can.


Contrast each artwork; clearly explain what aspects of each of the works are different from the other. Be specific when directly contrasting the same aspect of each artwork and provide an explanation for any observations. Provide as many contrasts as possible.


Conclusion: What has this study of these individual artworks and their corresponding styles revealed about the role of art in society? How does each artwork relate to the context of its culture? Clearly articulate how and why you arrived at that conclusion.



· Paper should adhere to MLA formatting guidelines and should be submitted as a Word document. A title page is not required for this assignment, however. The hard copy of the paper may be printed front and back of the pages. The pages should be numbered.

· 6-8 full pages in length (not including the plate page(s) and works cited page). A partial page is not the equivalent of a full page.

· The plate page or pages will be placed before the Works Cited page. The Plates page is where you include the images of the artworks labeled Figure 1 and Figure 2. Underneath each image, provide the full identification information for each artwork, the collection the work is in and the weblink where you found the illustration.

· Write in 3rd person and maintain a formal, professional and academic tone.

· Do not use bullet points or a table to make comparisons and contrasts. (see Content Notes, below)

· Sources need to be cited both internally within the text and externally on the Works Cited page. Interact with your quotations.

· Students should use parenthetical citations (in text citations) within the paper, following MLA format.


Must adhere to MLA format.


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